Swift Empowering Tools

i. En.DDA

en.Duplicate Detection Application allows any institution using multiple SWIFT Alliance systems for its traffic to perform duplicate verifications with a single DDA server. This configuration's key advantage is to allow duplicate detections on several message flows simultaneously.
This functionality is quite useful for large financial institutions with several branches, a SWIFT Hub, or a SWIFT Service Bureau. It is extremely well suited for financial institutions with many BICs, since multiple configurations can be defined to detect duplicate messages separately per BIC.

ii. En.SafeWatch Filtering

En.SafeWatch Filtering is a market-leading Watch-List and OFAC filtering solution used today by over 500 financial institutions and corporates in 80 countries. - Highly effective detection algorithm - Powerful List Management - Full audit & Integrated reporting - Flexible, configurable and easy to use - Real-time blocking supporting all list including OFAC,PEP - SWIFT Certified

iii. En.Reporting

en.Reporting is an essential solution to complement your SWIFT Alliance infrastructure. With en.Reporting you can display, investigate, monitor and report your SWIFT traffic data, and SWIFT messages and events over an extended retention period.