PPATK Reporting Tools

The Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) of financial institutions is required to implement the International Fund Transfer Instruction Report (IFTI) system. This system requires the reporting of every transaction of funds entering or leaving a country

The main function and advantages of this application
1. IFTI Software is the application of Financial Transaction Report of Fund Transfer From and Out of the Country (LTKL)
2. IFTI Software is made to make it easier for Bank officers to report transactions from and outside the country (SWIFT & Western Union)
3. IFTI Software is made user friendly, so the Officers will use the computer will be easy to use the modules contained in IFTI Software
4. IFTI Software creates its own database warehouse in its application, so the Bank database will be secure
5. Web Based, so it can easily be accessed to other branches
6. Tailor Made, can be adjusted to the needs of the Bank